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Thank You

Soma International would like to thank Ron & Ann Angert for their generous support!

They helped Soma establish itself as a nonprofit and further the development of learning centers. Ron and Ann first met Soma International CEO Mohamed Mwinyi in 2013 at Ron’s office suite. Through several conversations, Ron heard Mohamed’s passion for increasing opportunities in Tanzania, his home country. He was instantly interested as he and Ann had been dedicated to humanitarian endeavors for years before. Ron was able to share his own experience to help Mohamend, having previously established a nonprofit abroad called “Haitian Agricultural Mission.” This kick started Soma International’s eventual nonprofit status and organizational structure used today. Ron and Ann’s experiences and support have been invaluable in Soma’s growth and success.

Ron and Ann have since retired to rural Spain and spend their days sightseeing along the Camino de Santiago. Their travels have led them to learn Spanish and pick up on many cultural nuances from time spent with locals in their new home. Ron and Ann have dedicated their lives to promote cross-cultural communication and humanitarian efforts and continue to live out those values even in their retirement years. They are now becoming active contributors of Soma International by donating annually and planning a visit to the learning centers Soma has built in Tanzania, much due to the generosity of these two donors.

Soma International thanks you, Ron & Ann, for your dedication to supporting humanitarian opportunities around the world.

-Knowledge is boundless

If you would like to donate or volunteer with us, email us at

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