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Knowledge is Boundless, and so are Her Aspirations

Elizabeth Britten is Soma International’s assistant finance officer. She currently attends Virginia Tech as an Accounting and Information Systems major and will be graduating with the class of 2023.

Elizabeth first heard about Soma International through Emily, the Business Operations Officer. They are both Virginia Tech students with a passion for education and learning. Elizabeth was inspired by the rare authenticity shown by Soma International, as well as the fact that all of Soma International donations are used solely for their mission. Elizabeth believes that information and education should be accessible, regardless of where an individual came from. Her parents have reminded her how fortunate she was to have access to technology. Both of Elizabeth’s parents came from low-income backgrounds where they had to work very hard to succeed. Her father grew up in project housing in Columbus, GA, and her mother immigrated from Laos to the United States as a child. Neither of Elizabeth’s parents had the same advantages as many of their friends, so they both found an escape from their hardships by joining the US military. Knowing her family’s background, Elizabeth felt fortunate to have grown up with what she had, but she also knew there was something more she could do..

In her current position with Soma International, she assists the Finance Officer with managing and processing various accounts and transactions for the organization. She revises all calculations, data entries and budgets with the other departments. Elizabeth expresses that her experience with Soma International is not only limited to helping an organization with their mission for a greater good, but is also learning real world experience. Skills that she is building are taking care of the accounting books, how businesses and organizations are organized, and how to interact professionally between departments. With her volunteer hours and skills she is acquiring during her undergraduate education, she is hoping to get into a masters degree program at Virginia Tech, with the aspiration to become an auditor.

An organization that keeps Elizabeth inspired is Collegiate Women In Business. At CWIB they invite a speaker to talk about what they do or how to navigate the business world. She feels that the meetings motivate her to keep striving for what's striving for her academic goals. It reminds her that all of the stress and work that she does is worth it.

One of her biggest accomplishments to this day was in 2017 when she was in high school. She competed for state championships for field hockey and won! With that win, she felt that her possibilities were endless. In her free time, Elizabeth can be found trying new things, reading or going to the gym.

-Knowledge is boundless

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Written by: Sadie Andersen, M. Cecilia Silva Montoya

Edited by: Erica Martin, Mackenzie Hyde

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