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Leeina Tabbalat: Providing Opportunities

Leeina Tabbalat, Soma International’s Virginia Tech Chapter Fundraising Officer and Vice President. Leeina will be graduating in May 2022 with a B.S. in Industrial and Systems Engineering.

Leeina is a member of Service Without Borders at Virginia Tech. Mohamed visited a meeting to present his vision of Soma and Leeina felt passionate about the Soma cause. Leeina is from Jordan and there remains an unfortunate deficit in educational resources there. Because of this, Leeina felt personally inspired by Soma International’s goal. Leeina believes in the goal of improving education because it is a human right. She looks forward to seeing Soma provide opportunities for a better lifestyle in the future.

In her position as fundraising officer, she is responsible for managing merchandise, percentage night events and donor relations. Leeina has raised over $3,000 so far with the Virginia Tech chapter of Soma International.

Leeina worked with different organizations in Jordan that provide opportunities for people with limited educational experience and financial mobility.

She hopes to work for an organization like UNICEF that touches each community they work with. Her role model is Farah Matalka, the founder of giving.joyy. This is an Instagram initiative that has raised donations, provided funds for housing, medical aid and education. Other career aspirations for Leeina are to be a female lead in the automotive sector and to work with Ford or Tesla in human factors and ergonomics engineering.

Living in the United States has enabled her to pursue her outdoor passions. In her free time, Leeina can be found playing basketball, hiking and indoor rock climbing. This is a new chapter, and she hopes to make the most of her time and studies.

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