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New Books Means New Opportunities

Our newest learning center within Boko Village received a new shipment of educational books this past January. Following the renovation and relocation to this new center, 55 boxes of books have been added to our inventory in addition to the 75 boxes that were received in 2015. These boxes include children's books, math and science textbooks, technology books, dictionaries, biographies and non-fiction books. That means that there is surely something for every student and community member’s interests.

With summer coming up in a few months, we are hoping that Tanzanian youth take more advantage of our learning centers and the new books provided. Here are some of Soma International’s favorite books that you can add to your own summer reading list:

I Am Malala is the autobiography of Malala Yousafzai, who courageously stood up against Taliban forces by firmly advocating for female education. She became the youngest nominee ever for the Nobel Peace Prize at age 16 and has become a global inspiration for young women.

Like Malala Yousafzai, Greg Mortenson also advocates for education as a means to combat Taliban terrorism. Mortenson spent much of his childhood in Tanzania, as his father was a fundraiser and development director for the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre, the first teaching hospital in Tanzania.

Pencils of Promise is an organization that was founded by Adam Braun with just $25. This New York Times bestseller discusses Pencils of Promise’s dedication to providing primary schoolers worldwide with the education they need to succeed

Up the Down Staircase is a fiction novel by Bel Kaufman that documents the life of Sylvia Barrett, a young teacher with a strong commitment to helping her students enjoy learning. A heartfelt tale of triumph, Up the Down Staircase instantly became a bestseller when it was released in 1964.

Educated is a memoir by Tara Westover about her educational journey and the hardships that came along with it. Educated was named as one of the best books of 2018 by a numerous number of publications, ensuring that this memoir is a must read.

We challenge all of our donors to read as many books as possible not only this summer, but throughout the entirety of 2021. Books are avenues to new worlds and new experiences. By being an active reader, you can, in turn, inspire others in your community to develop their own education.

We hope that readers at home will love these books as much as some of our members do.

-Knowledge is boundless

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Written by: Hannah Williams

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