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“Wanda Maktaba Na Kituo Cha Kujifunzia”

“Wanda Library and Learning Center”

The names of our learning centers stem from important connections to Soma International. Our first learning center is named after where our founder, Mohamed, is from: Kituo Cha Kujifunza Boko, and is located in Boko, Dar Es Salaam. Our second learning center is located in Handeni,Tanga, and is named after our honorary board member, Wanda Price!

Why Wanda Price?

Wanda Price is Mohamed’s American mother. She has known Mohamed since the first year he moved to the United States from Tanzania in 2009. Wanda met Mohamed at the grocery store, Kroger, where he worked at that time. She asked Mohamed where he was from, to which he replied, “Tanzania.” Wanda was just on a trip to Tanzania and was intrigued by that information. In that moment, without hesitation, Wanda asked Mohamed if she could be his mom. Mohamed was ecstatic and could not help but say yes. Since that moment, they became family to each other. Several years later, during a visit Mohamed had with Wanda, he had shared with her his vision for his hometown. Because of the admiration Wanda had for Mohamed, she told him that she wanted to be a part of his mission to establish learning centers in rural Tanzania. In 2018, Wanda went to Tanzania with Mohamed. She provided Soma International with monetary donations to build our second center. Due to her gracious donation, it was decided that the second center was to be named “Wanda Maktaba na Kituo Cha Kujifunza,” after Wanda Price. 

During Wanda’s time with Soma International, she has helped to build our second learning center, collect books and spread the word about Soma. Wanda is a Virginia Tech Alumna and she believes in the University’s alma mater “Ut Prosim”, ‘That I May Serve.’ She sees Soma International as a great way for students to volunteer, get professional work experience, and build leadership skills. Another experience that Soma provides to its members is the realization that many people are not as fortunate as most students in the United States. 

Besides being an American mom to Mohamed, Wanda enjoys her time by listening to music, taking photos and woodworking. If you see a good photo circulating the web of Mohamed, most likely it was Wanda behind the camera! What Wanda would like for all of Soma International followers to know is that no matter where you are, you can still find the “Ut Prosim” in you as a student, alumni and as a retiree. Throughout her experience of serving others, she has learned that hope and love are what keeps us all connected. They unify us and encourage us to build each other up as community members. Hope and love are a universal language.

From our Soma International team, we would like to give thanks to Wanda Price for all of her dedication and hard work she has given to Soma over the years!

Writer: M. Cecilia Silva Montoya  Editors: Emily Keshap, Mackenzie Hyde

For volunteering opportunities or to donate, email:

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