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Cultural Exploration and Finance Determination

Scott Hobbs is our Finance Officer and Virginia Tech Treasurer Officer.

Scott is an accounting major who plans on graduating in 2023. After graduation, Scott hopes to get an MBA and has a goal to work in accounting in the Asia-Pacific area. He first became involved with Soma International when he met Mohamed at a Mozaiko International Living-Learning Community event. Scott had a passion for advocacy and learning and shared in Mohamed’s vision to enhance educational opportunities for those who are unable.

He was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado to a United States Air Force officer father and a Japanese mother. Most of his early years were spent moving around from place to place. Scott’s first memories were living in South Korea. His family lived on the top floor of an apartment building which can be best described as a “giant concrete cube”. Every day, Scott would have to walk up and down the many stairs, since there were no elevators. While in Korea, his parents sent him to an English language school. Instead of increasing his English skills, he learned enough Korean to be considered fluent for that age group. After about a year living in Korea, he moved to Springfield, Virginia, where his family currently resides.

Within Soma, Scott admires the dedication to daily operations and the passion that the members exude. As the finance officer, Scott has worked to set up a basic accounting system for Soma. In his free time, he enjoys learning new languages and studying Kendo, a traditional Japanese martial art that uses swords and protective armor. From Kendo, Scott has learned that life needs a certain mindset that incorporates the spirit. If a person is missing one, a person cannot fully accomplish their goals.

Soma International

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